Young Swedish Design Award


"What does a world look like where all finite resources are exhausted? In this chair, recycled plastic from the sea off the west coast becomes a semi-transparent seat that meets bones of layer-glued ash. Strong aesthetic values are added to something that fundamentally threatens everyone's existence, and at the same time new possible futures are made visible."

Young Swedish Design

"I all sin enkelhet är det ändå Anton Kreüs stol ”Chair Marie” som framkallar mest känslor hos mig. Stommen är gjord av ask, sitsen av återvunnen plast som plockats upp ur havet utanför Västkusten. Miljöhoten riskerar att förlama men Anton Kreü visar att det också finns möjligheter att ställa saker till rätta"

Dagens Nyheter Kultur

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Photo; Ung Svensk Form

Photo; MöbelDesignMuseum

The EX-WORKS 2020 exhibition provides a shared platform for final year students from Beckmans, HDK-Valand, Konstfack and Malmstens. As far as we know, this is the first collective exhibition of its type.

The students’ work covers a considerable range, demonstrating high-level artistic or intellectual processes, thoughtful functionality, exquisite craftsmanship and use of materials and, often, a well-thought-out circularity concept.

Exhibition supported by Svenskt Tenn AB, Svenskt Trä, Carl Malmstens Hantverksstiftelse and TMF-Trä- och Möbelföretagen.

My thesis is about recycling plastic and through recycling work against its pollution. Elements of Wasteland is a concept of making a range of different products that will inspire others, both consumers, companies, and producers to use more recycled materials.

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Photo; Adam Jernberg


Year 2020

In the beginning of the year I was asked to create an interior design for the client’s new showroom. I wanted to create a balance between the products off the company and the room itself, so the visitors got the whole image off the brand. The idea is that the interior will also impact the visitor as they interact with the products.

Chefs national team of Sweden

Year 2019-2020

Chemia Organica means organic chemistry and that’s exactly what I want to convey - an experience and a collaboration between food and tableware. There should be a chemistry in the tactile and visual experience of tableware, complemented with other senses when partaking of food served on these organic shapes. The dishes and accessories should be expressive but discreet - the main purpose is to highlight the food and emphasise the complexity of its form and expression. Come closer and look at the small details that’s very powerful in its simplicity.


Photo; Per-Erik Berglund 

Juno The Bakery

Year 2017


Café-desk, a group off wooden desk made off oak and with a top of carrara marble. The furniture’s work as a storage, working bench and for serving products from the bakery. The desk itself are movable and can be locked into position.

As a designer i work with furniture, space and product design. Through my work i strive to make a positive impact how we as humans interact with objects and each other. We can always move forward in the search off creating rewarding environment that’s is also including, lasting and challenges our own ideas.